Thursday, February 18, 2010

Had to do it!!

I do apologise but I have had to turn on 'Word Verification'.
I have been left spam comments on my blog and hopefully by turning word verification on, this will stop. Sorry for the inconvenience but it had to be done :(
If you know how to stop this I would appreciate your help.
Thanks for your understanding.
Cheers, Kylie ox

6 Interesting Comments Left:

Merry said...

What shame people have to spoil the easiness in the world. I have mine set that I have to approve each comment and then I can delete/reject the spam from anonymous people. Plus then I know when everyone does put a comment on my blog.

1LuvnMama said...

That's a shame but I totally understand. Ain't that suck a drag! I just luv visiting you and I will continue to regardless! :) Have a great day!

stampinfrog said...

I have mine set the same as Merry in the above comments. It does get to be a hassle even then having to delete the spam comments! I wish I knew of a way to stop them completely!!!

Cheryl said...

Hi Kylie,I have mine set the same as Merry as well,it does make it easier for those commenting and as you know can be quite a task when you have alot of blogs to visit.It doesn't take much of your time,you just check the comments and delete all the spam at the same time and then publish all the rest at the same time.I might get a couple of spam a week,but I check my comments anyway,so a couple of clicks to delete them isn't much of my time.I hope this helps.

Annemarie en Merit said...

Hello Kylie,

Its nice to hear that the snoesjes has arrived in Australia.The colors of de narcissen are in the middle orange and the outside yellow. Thanks for your sweet comment about our rabbit.

love Annemarie en Merit

Sue said...

Hi Kylie
same as other i have comments saved so i can read them first, then you can delete the spam ones. It saves having to type in all those letter to leave a comment. sue,x

I have had a few left pain in butt!

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