Thursday, May 31, 2012


Still can't get used to this new blogger style. Well it is only my 2nd post using the new style so like anything it will take time to navigate my way around confidently.

I wanted to share my card today that I made a little while ago. This is one of those cards that I call 'My Therapy'. I sat mindlessly and calmly colouring in this beautiful image designed by Krista at Saturated Canary. Then the whole card slowly and surely came together with no stress and no fuss. I just love it when that happens. My therapy is then over leaving me with a peaceful mindset that I can achieve anything. Don't worry it doesn't last for long as the kids will break out arguing in the background ;) Thank goodness for my babies....My COPICS!! LOL.

Oh yes, the card!! Here it is.

Yes I'm still in love with lace but I've found a lovely new shop in blog land that sells lovely handmade elements like my flat backed button on my card. I luuurve buttons!! The shop was opened by the lovely Kellie Winnell and is called Freckles and Pigtails. If you know Kellie then you know this name fits her perfectly :) She has new stock listed each month and she's just added fabric covered buttons!! She is soooo teasing me :) I hope you find the time to pop over and say 'Hi'.

Thanks for visiting me today and I hope your day is Fabulous!

Keep creating, Kylie xo

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hey, I'm back! Whoa, what happened to Blogger??

WOW, where have I been and what the heck happened to Blogger? I'm not sure if I know how to do this anymore? LOL.
I suppose 'life' itself has gotten in the way of my love of creating but it's not slowing down any that's for sure.
I have an interview this afternoon at one of our local primary schools to see if I'm able to do some volunteer work there. Why you say? I have registered online for a Certificate 3 in Education Support. I need to complete 100 hours volunteer work to help me with this course.So busy times ahead for me. Back to study!! (Better go dust off the old brain cells and see if they still work??) Hopefully when I've finished I'll be able to get some PAID work. Not only that, I hope I enjoy what I've committed to!? Time will tell.

So it looks like I've missed a whole lot in Blog land! Not to worry, I'm sure you'll catch me up! hee hee.
I wanted to jump into a challenge and I think I've just made Krista's over at Saturated Canary this week who's theme is "Happy Birthday".

This is a birthday card I made for a gorgeous little girl who celebrated her 3rd Birthday. I think this is a tutorial I followed from Simply Sassy??
It didn't quite fit in my envelope so a note to self for the next one would be to change the measurements on the front section. (scoot it over to the left more. Mmmm, yeah that will work!)

I hope to get around your blogs soon and see what you've all been up to. Have you all been behaving?? lol. What ever you've been up to, I hope you've had fun doing it!

Keep creating, Kylie xo

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