Monday, February 1, 2010

Be Patient!

AAARRGGHH!! Trying to make this a 3 column blog and followed the instructions but get stuck on the last little bit. I don't want to press the wrong button as I have gotten this far without losing everything. Emailed for help otherwise I'm done. (well until next time I log on and decide to change something else :)
Please be patient. I am in the middle of changing my blog but have to dash away to a meeting. I will keep 'tweeking' it when I have chance later on tonight. So far so good as it didn't disappear!! Whoo hoo!
Keep creating, Kylie xo

5 Interesting Comments Left:

Leonie said...

Oh, cant wait for the new look!

Kellie said...

Bahaha the fact that it hasn't gone anywhere is a good thing, can't wait to see what the new look is :)

Kylie said...

So far it looks really really pretty! I agree with Kellie though - all the content has stayed put, so you are doing really well!

Bec said...

LOL.. I was the same a few weeks back with mine.. It is looking great so far.. LOVE the Brown and green.. Bec xx

LINDA said...

OH I LOVE IT!! Please tell me how you change it to tree column. Ive been wanting to do that to mine but have be to afraid to try..
Hugs, Linda

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