Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh so cute!

I don't normally post pics of my family but I just couldn't resist this one!!
My 3yr old Jorjia loves to paint and do "stamper, stamper". (that's stamping by the way).
I stepped outside for the cool breeze (very hot here) to talk to my partner on the phone who is deployed at the moment. We're half way now, whoo hoo!!
I noticed the painting but thought it too good for Jorjia to have done it. I then asked Mikaela (13 yr old) if she'd done it. She replied no and I knew she couldn't have as she was inside with me cleaning up after dinner while Jorjia was painting.
So here it is!

She has coloured the body with those tubes of paint with the brushes on the end. The rest she finger painted as you have to get as messy as possible when playing with paint. This is also why she's naked. Besides the fact it was hot and she slipped over in her wadding pool fully clothed!!
I love the 2 different eyes. It (I say 'it' as I'm not sure what it is)has pink hair, green arms (no mum they're not ears, they're arms!)and red mouth.
I think she's amazing and so darn cute too! Just check out those culs with the gorgeous ringlet there on the left. she is soo going to hate her hair when she gets older. When you have curly hair you want it straight and vice versa!
Here is a Kreativ Blogger Award I received this morning from the gorgeous Barbara from Barbara's World Of Whimcees.

She is a beautiful woman with a wide variety of talents. Pop in and say hi!
The rules for passing this on is as follows:
  1. Thank the person who gave it to you
  2. Copy and paste the award to your blog
  3. Link to the person sending you the award
  4. List 7 things about yourself
  5. List 7 bloggers to present the award to
  6. Link to this posting on your blog
  7. Notify the 7 people you nominate by leaving a comment on their blog

7 things about me:

  1. I have just started part-time work
  2. I have 3 gorgeous children
  3. I come from a country town in Victoria
  4. I luuuurrve chocolate! (come on Easter)
  5. OMG I'm nearly 40!
  6. I have a new fav wine 'Zibibbo" (& it sounds cool!)
  7. I miss my partner who is deployed & all my friends & family :(

Here are my 7 bloggers who are amazing!

Wow, that was hard work.

Everyone I visit deserves this award as you are all so amazing. No I didn't forget about my BF Jackie :) She was also given this award by Barbara!

Hope you all have a funtastic day!

Keep creating, Kylie ox

13 Interesting Comments Left:

LINDA said...

Quite the little artist!! such a sweet little painting..A real master peice..And She is just beautiful.. Love her hair..
Hugs, Linda

stampinfrog said...

Oh Kylie your daughter is gorgeous!Love her hair!! She is a very talented artist.Love love love her painting!
Congrats on your award!

Cheryl said...

Your daughter is so sweet and very much an artist!!! Congrats on your award!!

♥ Kristy Woods ♥ said...

How gorgeous is your daughter with her painting! And yes she will hate her curls, I still do!! heheh I straighten my hair all the time.
Thanks for the award :)
Kristy x

Anonymous said...

So cute,give my girl a BIG HUG for me and tell her we LOVE her painting very clever girl. Love Nan

Jackie Thomas said...

Wow, what an amazing painting baby doll, you are so clever. Auntie Jackie love it. Miss you so much. Get mummy to give you a big kiss and squidge for me. xo Jackie

Merry said...

An artist in the making....and too cute to boot.

Victoria said...

Aw Kylie your daughter is gorgeous and her painting is fabulous!

Thanks for the award and for all the kind comments you leave on my blog too. Sorry I'm such a bad blogger, most nights by the time I've left all my DT comments I'm too tired to do anymore.

Following you from now so I can't miss any of your creations!


Vicki's Blog said...

Hi Kylie
I love the painting I think she is very talented just like her mum..
Sorry I have been so distant I will keep in touch more often in future:)

1LuvnMama said...

Is she following in her mama's footsteps? You got yourself quite an artist! :) Be proud and glad you shared!

Jodie from Oz said...

Kylie, Thank you so much for the wonderful award, I appreciate it very much. I am running a little behind this week and hope to post it on my blog over the next few days. Your DD is so cute and looks like she is going to follow in your footsteps. I love her curls. I hope to get back to your blog soon to look at all your wonderful creations I have missed seeing. Again thanks & hugs Jodie from Oz (Waffler)

Whimcees said...

Hello Kylie!

I love the photo of your darling daughter and her painting! She already is an artist! Love the green ears! :<)

Thank you for your very kind comments and link to my blog. You certainly deserved the award!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend with your family!

Barbara Diane

Kellie said...

Naw how sweet is she! I love her hair! I would love to have hair like that too and agree you always want the hair you don't have. MY GF has dead straight hair I always wanted it, and she would always want hair like mine!? Go figure, lol. Her painting is gorgeous, a proud mumma you are ;)

Thank you sooooooooooo much for the award and so sorry on my super slackness in getting around to thank you! I truly appreciate it and you always taking the time to visit me :)

Hugs Kel xx

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