Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My eldest turns 18!!!

Just jumping in quickly to share with you the card I made my son, Brodie for his 18th birthday.
I still can't believe he's 18 and an adult!! EEEEIIIIKKKKK!
Time does go by so quickly so enjoy every moment you have with your children. He still kisses me good-bye and will say "I love you" when he's leaving the house with his mates. Naaaww.
He has such a gentle soul and kind heart and I hope he has an easy road travelling into his future and forever has happiness.

Love you Brodstar!!♥♥

You can never and I mean NEVER get a good pic of Brodie as he's always pulling some crazy face. Lucky to get this one with his cake after going out to an Italian Restaurant for dinner.

Yes, it's the traditional chocolate mud cake but from a cake shop and YES, it was delicious!!

Hugs, Kylie xo

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