Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm on a mission!

Guess What? I cleaned my desk. I know right. I found soooo much paper that I've collected over the years (as well as lots of new stuff, hee hee) that I've decided I HAVE TO USE IT!!
Not only that, I have a lot of pre-stamped and pre-coloured images that are just going to waste. So after cleaning my desk I then messed it up again to make some cards!
I don't make many boys/mens cards either so I made 2. Yes, 2!! I know, I just amaze myself sometimes too! lol.
Here is the 1st one.

 This is an image I coloured while visiting my bestie, Jackie, last year. It was my 1st attempt at colouring dark skin. I will have to practice some more. It was fun to try. I also don't like bright red, so this was also a challenge for me. I know, another shocker right??

Here is no. 2.

This is my very 1st boy image I coloured before I even brought my own copics. Jackie kindly shared her precious babies with me and teadiously taught me how to colour and BREATHE at the same time! lol. She definitely needs a medal for patience :)
I'm a green lover but don't like SU Garden Green and guess what this card uses?? Yep, garden green. Another personal challenge completed. Whoo hoo!

So after this huge effort, I'm off on holidays for the next week and a bit. I have some posts scheduled for you to show you the new previews from Tickled Pink Stamps. (I hope they work). Enjoy!!

Keep creating, Kylie ox

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Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Kylie,
What a brave girl to take on so many personal dislikes at once. I think your cards are fantastic man cards and The images are beautifully done.
Have a good holiday.
Fiona x

Sharon said...

Hi Kylie,

Isn't great to get outside our comfort zones every now and again. These both look fabulous.

Sharon x

Dena said...

Kylie, both of them are wonderful! Love the Hanglar image. He is too cute and you did a great job on darker skin tones!!!
Hugs, Dena

Jackie Thomas said...

I love the Hanglar image Kyl's. I think you did an amazing job with him. I remember you colouring the second one like it was yesterday. I think I only had a couple of copics then and you still did a fantastic job. Yes I'm still in shock that you used RED and that ghastly GREEN, but they turned out fantastically. Can't wait to see you again. Hugs xo Jackie

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