Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Magnolia Ink Subscription

AT Tickled Pink Stamps you can now order a subscription for the Magnolia Ink Magazine. This will run from June 2010 to the April Issue 2011.
There is a limited number so rush over now so you don't miss out.
Isn't the card on the front cover amazing! It's Tickled Pink Stamps store owner Kellie's very own card! Whoo hoo. So excited for you Kel. Congrats. xo
Kellie is also taking a 2nd pre-order for the Magnolia Fairy Tale collection. This was a complete success day 1. They are certainly proving to be very popular already.
While you are in the store be sure to put your name down for the newsletter. There are new products arriving all the time and the will be some exciting news being announced in May!! You are NOT going to want to miss it!!
Keep creating, Kylie xo

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