Monday, January 11, 2010

Car crazy!

Here is another couple of the Bugaboo images.
I can post this 1st one now as I know Jackie and her family have received it. It was for a 'welcome to your new home' and 'hope you all made it safe' kinda card.
A quick and easy card made with SU paper kit I had left out on my desk. I wanted to get it in the mail quickly so Jackie would have some mail when she moved into her house. They've just got a new car too, so I thought she would appreciate the sentiment!

This 2nd card is for my Dad's birthday which is at the end of this month. Yes, I'm ahead of myself!
Dad is always stirring my Mum and making jokes that only he can see as funny, so when I seen this image I just had to have it. There are so many funny 'Gus' ones.

I used SU Sahara Sand for the card base and layering and then some scraps from my scrap draw. The punch is SU and I also used some SU Sahara Sand ribbon. I didn't embellish it too much as I don't think Dad would appreciate flowers and bling! BUT.. you just never know!
Having a 'blue' day. My bestie has moved, my 2 eldest kids are away on holidays and my partner is deployed. I have been REALLY good but today for some reason I lost it. Maybe 'cause it's Monday? Who knows? Now no one panic and call 000, it's good to vent and sometimes sit and let it all out! That's all I was doing. I have my baby girl (well she's 3) here with me and she certainly knows how to entertain and tell tall tales!!
I've been keeping busy and although I can't scrap with Jackie, I did the next best thing and scrapped with HER MUM yesterday! She's a hoot! (waving Louise). She normally has ink everywhere but she must've been on her best behaviour yesterday. Not a mark anywhere to be seen. Give her time to settle in!! ;)
Hope everyone is well and coping with our extreme weather everywhere!
Keep creating, Kylie xo

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Bec said...

These are just to cute.. I love them, Bec xx

Merry said...

Thinking of you Kylie and sending lot of hugs. So glad to hear you have a 3yo to keep you plenty busy. Love your cards. Those images are so wonderful as is your colouring.

Kristy Young said...

Oh wow these are soo cute! Fabbo cards.
Kristy x

Dawn said...

Your cards are so cute!! I love, love, love the sentiments, I actually laughed out loud! Wonderful job. Hope your days get better, reading this post totally reminded me of our Navy days. I don't miss 7 month deployments AT ALL. I know how hard that can be. I tended to invite myself to my friends houses and then never leave. They loved me lol.

Vicki's Blog said...

Hi Kylie
love these cards. How good a friend are you to think about Jackie having mail when she moved in My address is:
Why did you not call me I am always up for a scrap day or a shopping day is always good:) dont be shy

Kim Piggott said...

Oh love your fabulous cards Kylie those sentiments are way cool too!
Thanks so much for you kind words you are so lovely! Hope you are not so blue today hun it is horrible when those days creep up on you. So glad that Louise popped over craft, and you have your little sweetie pie!
kim x

Marley said...

They are looking great!! xx hugs Marley

Andie's Space said...

Hi Kylie.
How are you doing? I can't believe how busy you've been since my last visit. WOW!!! All your cards are gorgeous. Love the Twinkle Tot, but these are my faves. Love the humour, & your cards are gorgeous.
Hope you're feeling OK.
Big Hugs,
Andie xx

Jackie Thomas said...

I just love my card. You are so gorgeous to think of doing that for us. Love you xo Jack

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