Friday, October 30, 2009

Copic Warning!

Well I've finally gone and done it. Yes, I've invested in some copics and I am in luuurvve. lol. Thanks to my dear friend Jackie, she guided me through the huge list of shades and I ordered the basics. (well for now anyway!).
I have discovered though that they are a health risk. Don't be alarmed as it probably only happens to me. I don't BREATHE while I am colouring!! Jackie was kind enough to give me some leasons the other night (thanks Jack), and every time I stopped colouring I realised that I had been holding my breath! Maybe I can only do one thing at a time and because I was concentrating so hard I actually forgot to breathe! I'm sure in time with some practice I will be able to do these 2 things together. (otherwise no 'big' areas to colour for me!) lol.
I coloured one image in my favourite colour combo of pinks and greens. (ok it took an hour!! Well I had to stop for breath breaks!)
I haven't made that into a card as yet.
This card I'm showing you is an image I coloured when I got home from my teacher's house. So this is my first card put together using copics (which I should fondly name my 'health hazards")
I gave this card to Jackie today as she was my inspiration. I think it only fair she should be the receiver of my first copics card. Love ya Jack! xo
Don't look too closely but let me know what you think. Should I order more 'health hazards'?
Keep creating, Kylie xo

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Jackie Thomas said...

OMG !!! You are so crazy, you crack me up. lol..It was hilarious watching you the other night holding your breath and then taking huge breaths to make up for it. Your colouring is amazing and YES you WILL add to your list of copics (I mean health hazzards). You have done an amazing job on this card, I absolute love, nearly as much as I love the lady who gave it to me, wait a minute, that was you! You are such a special lady and you mean the world to me. thank you.. xo Jackie

Cheryl said...

Just gorgeous,what a brilliant job at colouring and your first attempt at that.....Well Done!!! I hope I am that good when I receive my copics!!

Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

you are a funny gal, not breathing when you color, I am sure I do this card is fabulous and you surely do not look like a newbie with the copics.....great job!

coloring with copics is my weakest area....I keep working on it though.....have a fabulous weekend!

enjoy *~*

Bec said...

Oh Kylie, you have done an AMAZING job with your colouring..I love it.. bec xx

Vicki's Blog said...

Dame girl you shoud have invested in copics a long time a go you are a natural she is great. I love your card to. I think I will be holding my breath from now on to see if that will help me.
Looking forward to Tuesday:)
Cheers Vic

Merry said...

Lol Kylie.....thats so funny you holding your breath. Your colouring is just beautiful as is the card you created.

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