Friday, June 5, 2009

Welcome to my blog. It's something that just sort of happened as I was looking over my favourite's list. I'm not sure exactly why I did but stay tuned and I will show you some of the little creations that I like to do. Most of them I make as I am so inspired by all the wonderful talent that I browse over most days. So thank you to all that share your amazing talent and for helping me create what I do.

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Vicki's Addiction said...

Hi Kylie
Welcome to the blog world I look forward to seeing your creations:)
Good Luck!

Jackie Thomas said...

Hey Spunky Monkey. I am sooo pleased you have joined the blogging world. I'm patiently waiting for your first post, but you know me, I'm not very patient. Can't wait for the world to see your elegant creations. Love Ya..Jack xo

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