Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Surely Not?

Check out my last post date. Geez!

Have I really not posted anything for 2 years? Has my life really been that crazy? My jaw is still resting on the floor! How I've missed my babies (copics).
Slowly been renovating my house and that terrible thing called work have just gotten in the way of my mojo and craft time.
Is there anyone still here?? lol Well just in case I'd love to share a card I made for my gorgeous niece who just turned sweet 16. I chose a Saturated Canary digi as my niece looks just like her and even wears a check shirt tied around her waste.
Colouring was so therapeutic, using my big shot was fun and the mess meant I had actually created something. Go me, yay!

I plan to be spending more time creating so I hope to see you back here.

Keep creating, Kylie xo

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